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Quality & Safety

Oiltanking Amsterdam guarantees constant quality

Quality, safety and the environment has a lot of attention and focus in contemporary times. We respect and adhere to national and international rules and regulations, especially to the provisions that are the result of the certification:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • ISCC

Furthermore the company endeavours to anticipate future developments in this area as much as it can. OABV is approved by NOFOTA and also NTA 8620 approved by DCMR, Fire Brigade and Labour Inspection certified.

Download our Terminal rules Oiltanking Amsterdam.

Votob Safety Maturity Tool

Safety is an ever ongoing process. Scientific research yearly renders new insights to improve the safety of business processes of tank storage companies.

Because Oiltanking Amsterdam attaches the utmost importance to safety, we have developed a process of continual improvement of safety together with our association VOTOB: the Safety Maturity Tool (SMT). The idea behind this tool is that the members of VOTOB help each other to collectively attain a higher level of safety in their businesses. The Safety Maturity Tool is a comprehensive self-assessment (audit) that focuses on the ‘hardware’ (technical integrity of equipment), ‘software’ (quality and effectiveness of management and procedures) and the ‘mindware’ (safety culture) of our company.

Each year, we answer an extensive list of questions with the help of external auditors, so that the results are unbiased. The yearly outcome of the self-assessment indicates how we should prioritize our investments, whether we should invest in the safety of our ‘hardware’, ‘software’ or ‘mindware’. The Safety Maturity Tool is more than just an audit: it is a new way of thinking. We approach the topic of safety from the viewpoint of 'maturity'. The members of association VOTOB take this a step further by learning from each other. Together we raise the bar of safety in our sector.

More information on the Safety Maturity Tool can be found on the website of VOTOB.